6ft 0in

1/8 to 5/8 oz. Lure

6 to 20 lb. Line

Medium throw

Self Weight: 97 g

Supervised by Koji Yoshida, Reborn Yoshida version! A light action model with the lightness and repulsive force of graphite material on the front is now available. It is possible for the blank to bend well without stagnation, and when the overhead cast is done, the weight of the lightweight lure can be comfortably transmitted from the belly to the butt section, and it can be cast easily and accurately by its repulsive force. 1/8 to 1/4 oz from Tiny Plugs to high air resistance Mino Plugs, the best match for small topwater! As a special cosmetic unique to Yoshida version, LINKS60Y-CLJ with all black blanks and old Fenwick trademark A certain cross butt winding is combined with a gray-colored reel sheet reminiscent of 80’s Fenwick. It is a rod packed with a lot of feelings of Koji Yoshida who loves Fenwick.

25,000 yen (excluding tax)

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New Yoshida version appeared

As the first bus pro in Japan, a special model “Yoshida version” supervised by Koji Yoshida who has built the foundation for domestic bus fishing has been renewed in the LINKS series. It is a new guide setting, and the appearance of lightness and swing ability is further polished and reappeared! You

can fully enjoy the casting and throwing pleasure from the overhead that is the basis of casting proposed by Koji Yoshida It is a spec. The fashionable cosmetics with cross bat winding reminiscent of the old Fenwick are filled with the attention of Mr. Koji Yoshida.