The masterpiece rod of Destroyer F4-66X CYCLONE, which widely corresponds to middle class fast moving baits, has introduced a X4 model. As a new generation versatile game rod, it has a multi performance shaft poured in and designed with latest logic for its shaft balance, rod action, torque quality, elasticity impact, and total rod weight. X4’s sharp high-tension quality has succeeded in powerful twist rigidity and rich torque while displaying high elasticity impact. This is because the slim and sharp light weighted X4 blanks will display powerful bending performance bending the rod till the extreme, passing one line from the high taper manufacturing method of the existing multi axis shaft. The powerful high torque quality created from there will bring out an easily handled casting comfort which existing hi-taper; high elasticity shaft could not gain. The X4 version CYCLONE’s high quality comfort will further increase the concentration of fast moving games. The F4-66X4 is perhaps best classified as a light-power rod. With a length of 6’ 6” and medium-fast taper, the Cyclone is ideal for techniques that require a physical hook-set. The length and taper allow the angler to comfortably impart the shaking, pulling and twitching actions necessary for effective jig and worm fishing. Perfect for jigs and texas-rigs from 3/16oz. to 3/8oz., this rod also doubles as a medium-range crankbait stick, ideal for cranks such as the MR-X Griffon or the Deep-X 100. Dragon Call line tests from 10-15lbs. make this stick come alive. The rods of Megabass Pros Aaron Martens, Shin Fukae and Randy Blaukat on the BASS Elite and FLW Tours, the Orochi X4 series represent Megabass’ most significant development in multi-axis blank technology. Featuring proprietary Hi-Tension Active X4 Matrix blanks, Megabass has built a rod that is both lighter and stronger. This seeming contradiction is made possible by two technological advances: – Active X4 Matrix wrap – Adaptive 40 and 46 ton high modulus graphite The Active X4 Matrix increases tension and stiffness significantly with a 4-axis carbon graphite wrap (think “X” superimposed on “+” to get an idea of the pattern). These exceedingly tough fibers wrap tightly around the blank from butt-end to second guide, increasing backbone, leverage and power on the water without adding unnecessary bulk. However, a wrap can never substitute for blank construction—and Megabass does not disappoint. The Orochi X4 features an adaptive blank of carefully selected 40 and 46 ton graphite. This allows for truly adaptive blank construction that takes into account the specific needs of each stress-point under varying load-levels—meaning that every single inch of your blank is optimally tuned with the best graphite for the job. This adaptive core is further reinforced by its own braided 2-axis “XX” pattern micro-carbon fiber cross-weave, which runs the entire length of the blank. The X4 series is rounded-out with Fuji stainless steel SiC guides, custom reel seats, and an aggressively tapered handle (on baitcasting models only) inspired by US pro anglers. This grip features a quick taper behind the reel seat that not only feels more comfortable hour after hour, but also increases your gripping power by providing a more manageable size for your third and fourth finger. This taper extends a few inches, then settles into a slim handle that stays out of the way when working jerbaits and jigging, etc. With a blank that starts off with adaptive graphite construction, followed by a 2-axis micro carbon fiber wrap, finished off with a 4-axis carbon backbone—you get a rod that is incredibly strong and resistant to off-axis torque, yet also light and exceptionally sensitive. And with ergonomic grips and a 3-Year Warranty, you will be comfortably fishing this rod for years to come.