Ito Yuki the creator of ORIGINAL DESTROYERS masterpiece spinning model “LYCAON” has been searching for a new generation multi contact finesse shaft, and finally materialized the odd piece of work. The name is HYENA. Once again has thoroughly pursued “catching without sparing”, and it is concentrated with latest design and action setting. The tensed ultra thin metallic shaft bringing out NEW MatrixX4’s metallic hi-tension impact, will bring out the tense of the belly sections, instantly hooking sudden reaction bites while shaking at middle range. At the bat section, the overwhelming hi-tension and the strong shaft rigidity is displayed overturning the common sense of ultra light action rods. Yet the more it bends, the hi-tension shaft displays an overflowing torque. An aggressive ultra-thin model overturns the standard of ultra light action rods.

Yuki Ito odd work which has been developed and continue to explore as a new generation of multi-contact shaft finesse, “Lycaon pictus” series of original masterpiece Destroyer-spinning model, was finally realized. Its name, hyena. Again, it is boiled in the latest design and setting action not allow thorough pursuit, the compromise “win without leaving” once again about. Shaft ultrafine metal like a strained drawn to limit the high-tension impact metal like NEW Matrix X4, the Qin, multiply immediately a reaction bytes to pull out the tension Berry of the section (body) stand eating suddenly in Sheikh middle to. For butt section, exhibit reverses the common sense of ultra-light action rod, the axial stiffness and strong high tension overwhelming. In addition, the high tension shaft like that, are you doing enough to exert a torque which is full of bending. Would set a new standard for ultra light action rod, it is a very delicate model warlike.