When you suddenly think about heading to the field, you straight away head there. There is increase in these scramble anglers who has efficient catches in quick responding games. SCRAMBLE TOUR has inherited the multipurpose concept from the masterpiece of Destroyer spinning model, F2-64XS FULL HOUSE. Has simulated the access of various fields, and as a new 6’8” length full contact-spinning model, in order not to spoil the performance of X4 blanks, “Inro Tsugi” which has removed the bending stress of the jointed part has been applied. Corresponding to various finesse rigs, depending on situations, power forceF2 from X4 blanks could even control light plugs corresponding to various fields. A 2-piece rod for the practical anglers who wants to bring out sure catches at inexperienced fields . A model that also has its highlight in its long distance cast ability.