The JERKBAIT SPECIAL was redesigned to more fully realize the core components of jerkbait fishing: imparting action, castability, and sensitivity.


Imparting action: Upgrading the taper from regular to fast action transmits angler input with greater speed and precision, meaning not only that less energy is required to get your Megabass jerkbait to dart and dance, but that subtle rod work is more accurately conveyed, adding delicate dynamism to your jerkbait approach. Coupled with improvements to the blank that result in a crisper feel with less oscillations (the blank returns to center-rest more quickly after each jerk), the JERKBAIT SPECIAL sharpens and deepens the angler’s connection, enabling a more complete exploration of the jerkbait’s full potential.


Furthermore, with the rod’s balance-point located at the reel, the rod is free to pivot with minimal effort, meaning you don’t have to fight the blank’s weight when attempting delicate slack line taps to get your Vision Oneten to tremble in place, or when fishing with an aggressive cadence over long practice and tournament days.


Castability: In cold-water applications where the jerkbait is often a dominant presentation, long casts become increasingly important so as not to spook wary pre-spawn targets. With a short rear grip and increased overall length from 6’8” to 6’11”, the JERKBAIT SPECIAL maximizes blank length to add distance to each cast. Additionally, the faster taper means that with a strong, technical cast, the JERKBAIT SPECIAL will load farther into the meat of the blank, unleashing greater potential energy to drive superior casting distance.


Sensitivity: With so many pre-spawn bites often detected by watching one’s line for telltale ticks and movement, it is clear that more tools are required for detection. With a new, Megabass original Spiral Architect Reel Seat that exposes more of the blank, an upgraded kabt™ shape-memory metal microfiber wrap and a crisper overall feel, the new JERKBAIT SPECIAL transmits light bites with greater clarity.

Subname: Jerk Bait Special

  • kabt™ (p. ‘kabutoh’): The astonishing tensile strength and tenacious resilience of the kabt‘s shape-memory metal microfibers are woven into a layered, multi-axis arrangement that reinforces the butt-section of each blank, delivering a superior power-to-weight ratio and more decisive lifting-power and control.
  • Multi-tonnage construction: Each blank utilizes low-resin carbon of varying tonnage. By matching the desired bend-characteristics of each point to the ideal tonnage, each blank is able to realize ever-greater potential—which translates into silky-smooth load transfer across all taper-types for intuitive cast and feel.
  • Spiral Architect Reel Seat: A Megabass-original designed for low-profile ergonomics, maximum blank exposure, structural integrity, and efficient grip-shifts when moving from casting to palming.
  • Micro-Pitch Taping: Un-sanded finishing tape features higher wrapping-density for increased durability and blank crispness.
  • Fuji® Stainless SiC Guides