Most of the previous Big Bait special rods have been developed based on the concept of casting heavy lure and snarling cutting tools during reeling. Will be narrowed. Killers-00 DEAD SWORD succeeds in drawing out the width of S character to the maximum by the original first taper action which gave tension by using high elastic material. Also, you can trigger more bites by adding various actions such as twiches and jerks during retrieval, long stays & jerks at the bottom, etc. of course, as well as retrieve the Evil Bonded Claw 178. It is a lure. Therefore, the special rod is easy to attach detailed action with the tip, and the ease of handling is required. Furthermore, in order to ensure hooking of the bite while holding the lure, a strong power is also required from the belly to the butt part. Killers-00 DEAD SWORD was born as a rod exclusively for the Injured Jointed Claw 178 (only for S-shaped luers), completely covering the factors necessary to operate these joined Claws.

※ Grip joint specification
● All SiC titanium double foot guide
● All double lapping specification
※ Weight includes weight balancer.