Spinning rod ideal for no sinkers and light rigs

A soft tip that emphasizes biting and a tough butt section improve hooking performance and landing rate. It is a spinning rod that is ideal for light rigs such as no sinker, split shot, light caro, and down shot by long cast that makes the best use of the length.

Safe for first-time users, which is the concept of Bass Beat. Renewal with specifications that even experienced people will be satisfied with and will be more satisfied. The guide system equipped with the FUJI New Guide Concept has specifications that even experienced users will be more satisfied with.

Product features

    • FUJI new guide system adopted

Equipped with the FUJI guide guide system, which is one of the mainstream, and achieves the same sensitivity as high grade.

    • Front grip that can be blank touched

The front grip is shorter than the previous work and has a carbon hood to enable a blank touch.  

    • EVA grip separate handle

Uses EVA grip and separate handle with excellent balance and holding performance.

    • end cap

The crest mark, the coat of arms of the Swedish royal family, is placed on the bat end.

    • Guide set mark that enables smooth joining

A guide set mark is printed on the joint for smooth joining.

    • Spigot joint (Inro joint)

The spigot joint (Inro joint) realizes smooth action. * When setting, do not push it all the way in, but leave about 10 mm.

  • Dura metal frame