Super versatile rod with high castability and long casting

An all-rounder model that supports scroll lures such as chatter baits, spinner baits, and cranks, as well as hitting objects such as Texas, snake caro, and snake dan.

The straightforward bending that bends to the bat, which is unique to TAF blanks, enhances cast accuracy with a length of 6 feet 5 inches.

A super versatile rod that can be cast long distances.

YABAI: Kawabe Produce New style design land rod (Okappari) is now available! ..

The rod adopts a new style design that brings out the taste of Kawabe professional, designed with the coloring of “surfboard” as a motif, and it is complete with TAF manufacturing blanks & titanium frame SIC-S guide and ABU original ultra-lightweight reel seat. Almighty rod series for armed okappari.

We interviewed Kawabe Pro and Okappari Angler, and we will introduce “3 best models for Okappari” that we actually went fishing for Okappari.


1. Newly designed TAF manufacturing method Nano carbon blanks

2. ABU original reel seat (FUJI Industrial joint development)

3. Titanium frame SIC-S guide / KR Guide System

4. The “YABAI” logo scattered throughout!


  • Nano carbon blanks with "TAF manufacturing method (Triarchy Force)" (100% domestic carbon specifications)

    Nano carbon blanks with “TAF manufacturing method (Triarchy Force)” (100% domestic carbon specifications)

    “Triarchy Force manufacturing method” reviewed all of the “material”, “design”, and “manufacturing method” of blanks. We thoroughly pursue the basic performance “strength, weight, sensitivity” of the rod, and innovate the blanks design to improve the performance. ・ CPC blanks (100% carbon design) ・ DPH structure (ultra-thin double density ply structure) ・ NS taper (natural straight taper)

  • ABU original reel seat adopted

    ABU original reel seat adopted

    Lightweight and compact ABU original shape reel seat is used. ABU original reel seats developed jointly by FUJI Industries are used for the general-purpose model and power model to improve holdability and operability, as well as reduce weight and strength.