YABAI: Kawabe Has Produced A New Design In Landing Rods

The rod is a New style design that brings out Kawabe’s professional hobbies, designed with the motif of “surfboard” coloring, as a rod.

The Almighty Rod series for Okappari fully armed with TAF formula blanks & titanium frame SIC-S guides and ABU original ultra-lightweight reel sheets.

Interviewed with Kawabe pro and the okappari angler, the “three best models for okappari” that appeared by actually doing the okappari fishing line will appear.


Bass Bum YBBC-65M

Superstoreable rods that can be casted in high custody and can be thrown away

From moving lures such as chatterbait, spinner bait, crank,

All-rounder model that also supports smashing things such as Texas, Heavi-Caro, and Hebidan.

By the straight bending bending to the bat unique to TAF process blanks,

While enhancing cast accuracy with a length of 6 feet 5 inches,

It is a superversatile rod that can be thrown far.


Bass Bum YBBC-65MH

The Octopari Best Match Rod offers a variety of fishing from no sinker rigs to big baits

Easy operation with 6 feet and 5 inches in length, good tempo with quick pinpointing

This model is good at run & gun style.

By the straight bending bending to the bat unique to TAF process blanks, Compatible with a wide range of lures unthinkable in MH action, You can enjoy various fishing from no sinker rig to big bait, It is just the Octopari Best Match Rod.


Bass Bum YBBS-69L

Okapari Best Match Spinning Combining Sensitivity and Torque

Allows any Finesse rig to be thrown 6 feet 9 inches long,

Okapari Finess rod.

Feel the fine bite in tough condition with the ultimate sensitivity unique to the TAF process blanks made of 100% carbon,

The bus can be taken in with blanks that generates torque as it bends.

It is Okappari Best match spinning.


  • New design TAF method Nano carbon blanks
  • Titanium frame SIC-S guide / KR Guide System
  • ABU Original Reel Seat (Fuji Joint Industry Development)
  • Featuring the “YABAI” logo!
  • Nano carbon blanks (100% domestic carbon specification) adopted “Triarchy Force manufacturing method”The Triarchy Force manufacturing process reexamines all blanks materials, design and manufacturing methods. The basic performance of the rod “Strength, weight, sensitivity” is thoroughly pursued, and the innovation of the blank design that improves the performance is carried out. ・ CPC blanks (100% carbon design) ・ DPH structure (ultra-thin double density ply structure) ・ NS taper (natural straight taper)

    ABU original reel seat adopted

    It uses lightweight and compact ABU original shape reel sheet. The ABU original reel sheet developed by FUJI Industrial Cooperative Development is adopted as the general-purpose model / power model, and the hold performance, operability improvement, weight reduction and strength up are realized.