Ultra light rig rod with delicate tip

An ultra light rig rod with a delicate tip that is ideal for ultra tough conditions where short bites occur frequently.

It is an ultra light action rod because it also has torqueful butt power, but you can challenge big bass with confidence.

You can easily start bass fishing in a fun way. Full-scale spec bass fishing rod!

BASS FIELD was born with the concept of “a rod that allows you to easily start bass fishing and continue to use it for a long time”.

It is easy to handle even for beginners, realizes specifications that even experienced bass fishing people can understand and will appear in a carefully selected lineup without Kodawari.

The best BASS FIELD as an introductory rod for bass fishing is Kodawari’s specs (spigot joint (inro joint) design, FUJI guide (O-ring) adopted) and

A bass fishing rod that uses a design (aluminum plate with a laser cutting logo) and can be used habitually for a long time.



· 1 FujiI guide (O-ring) adopted

2. Uses a spigot joint (inro joint) that makes the bending of the blanks at the joint part smoother.

3. An aluminum plate with the Abu Garcia logo engraved by laser cutting is placed on the butt end.