◆ Precautions for use
・ Summing with a spool rim may cause anodization due to friction. In particular, perform summing on the spool surface of the spool.
・ When winding a line on the spool, applying excessive tension may cause damage. When winding a stretched line such as a nylon line, use it with a light tension.

This is a micro cast spool (custom spool) developed for Shimano bait finesse bait reel and 17 Scorpion BFS released by Avail.
This model is compatible with Shimano's unique magnetic brake FTB (Fines Tune Brake System) brake.
MicrocastSpool · 17SCP15R, which is a shallow groove model, is suitable for fishing using 4 to 6 pound lines and PE lines.


This spool has a shallow groove specification compared to the genuine spool, and because of its structure, the distance between the magnet brake and the spool is far away from the genuine spool.
As a result, the effect will be insufficient if you use the genuine brake. Become.

To use the shallow groove type 17SCP15R, 8 auxiliary magnets φ4 × 1mm are required.