Avail Microcast Spool 14SCP2050R (The spool rim level is 5.5mm.)It is the light and shallow spool compatible with 14Scorpion ,15CURADO.
It will help you cast lightweight lures.

SVS Infinity puller
“SVS Infinity 4 Puller” is absolutely necessary to remove the centrifugal brake from the original spool.

RED Spec

Extra Super Duralumin


|Corresponding Models
14Scorpion 200,201,200HG,201HG
15CURADO 200PG,200,201,200HG,201HG

|line capacity

14SCP2050R 12b -100m / 14Lb – 90m / 16Lb – 80m

* The numerical value mentioned above is the result of measuring by winding nylon line up to the edge of spool rim.