◆ How to use
Remove the cogwheel attached to the genuine spool, please transplanted into Microcast Spool.

is a micro-cast spool that has been developed for the old model of Ambassador 4500C.

From 1976 and a silver mountain Rimumoderu made over the 1978, will fit in made 1978 4600C (red tongue) model.

Even 4500C of the same name, par timing model and, Mamiya era of blue-gray of the model, because it does not fit in Simon Shimomura model, please be careful so as not to make a mistake. In addition, even those of 4600C (red tongue), does not fit to reprint model of Mamiya era.

Ultra-cast model of the spool shaft is removed from the spool is here of the spool and fit.

◆ determine the suitability reel due to the spool shaft

and adapted to the reel of the spool shaft of photos of shape.

Remove the cog wheel, make sure the shape of the hidden part.

◆ Color chart