Spinnerbait’s cover attack, weed cutting, and a long-distance game that searches the wide-area by the vibe and deep crank in a long-distance game. In addition to the supple tip and strong bat power, it also features a high sensitivity characteristic that sharpens the resolution in water. Even in a no sinker game that challenges the cover with a high specific gravity worm, it demonstrates its power.

* The photo is proto.


It has been about 30 years since Megabus, Yuki Ito, took the name of MEGABASS and started making bus rods with his hand build. His first work “ARMS” bus rod eventually created “DESTROYER” in 1997, and derived from the “X7” in 2013, “EVOLUZION” in 2000 and 2014. It has been passed on to the rod.

In other words, ARMS is the same as F-1 machine. DreamWorks is a test bed that quickly realizes Ito’s rod technology to advance the megabus rod, and projects the future of the megabus rod vision in the near future.
2015. Ito Engineering, which embodies Ito’s cutting-edge technology, will send out “Super Weapon” that contains amazing fishing dynamics to the field.

The newly developed “Axial multi-elastic hybrid graphite composite” blanks, where micro-bladed graphite fiber with high density composite on the guide section under load tells the size of the assumed target, surpasses the specifications of conventional bus rods.
The locking dial with a honeycomb frame structure that allows you to look into the ultra-light carbon frame is a lightweight structure that has been blanked to the limit and has an overwhelming strength.

ITO reel seat spacers joined to a low profile short trigger that realizes a full-angle cast with a high degree of freedom. Five types: “Carbon” and “METAL Composite Carbon”.

The design of the ultra-sensitive “dry carbon handle” produced by Aitio, which finally made it possible to form a completely free-form carbon graphite, legitimately inherits the ARMS ergonomics of the past. Non-circular diameter that eliminates the clearance gap of the grip when the reel is mounted, places the rod emphasis on the handle unit, and provides a degree of freedom for rod end operation, including the “center balancing spacer” that aims to lower the center of gravity when the reel is mounted Cross-section end bats, etc …. Realize many ALL NEW FUNCTIONs that destroy the common sense of conventional bus rods with overwhelming technology.

The name of the super weapon is “SUPER LEGGERA”.
ARMS technology will change the future of bus rods.