Bate Finesslod of the super-high-sensitivity action rod competitor series.A medium-light-medium class setting with torque that demonstrates the value of Weedlake like Lake Biwa.The light power class’s flexible tip and long length of 7 ‘ 2 “can be easily long-cast with light weight rigs and plugs.The grip is hand-230mm setting that is fine-tuned to a well-cast length.The guide is vagabond original ultra-Micro guide setting.By placing the guide closely to the rod blank to increase the contact portion of the line and enhance the sensitivity, faint atari that comes out to the light weight rig surely feel.

* Vagabond original ultra-Micro guide setting
Top Guide: t-lgst4.5
Tip To Berry: t-lsg3.5 ~ 5
BAT: t-lcsg5.5 ~ 6