6 ‘ 7 “with easy-to-carry length, ultra-high-sensitivity and ultra-light Bate Finesslod features a blank that has a moderate firmness in regular first taper.The blank which gave a moderate firmness to the tip is a comfortable operation feeling to perform the action such as jig Head and Smoraba directly, and design that can control the timing of a slight feed.Weed is also easy to cut, it is possible to reduce the travel distance when removing from the weed worms.The reel seat part adopts a trigger-less structure, the grip is hand-230mm setting which is fine-tuned to the length that can be cast well.Supports smooth and stress-free casts.Of course, the guide is vagabond original ultra-Micro guide setting, and both ultra-light and ultra-high sensitivity.It realizes the rod balance which does not feel tiredness even if the action is done. Ultra light-weight blanks and [A.G.S.] that gave a moderate firmness in light power -The combination of ultra-micro guide setting raises sensitivity to the highest class, and transmits the slight situation change and short-byte of the water and the bottom of the lake firmly and supports the angler fully.

* Vagabond original ultra-Micro guide setting
Top Guide: t-lgst4.5
Tip To Berry: t-lsg3.5 ~ 5
BAT: t-lcsg5.5 ~ 6