The two-piece long length spinning rod was developed with the concept of a rod that covers a high-dimensional light rig in general with Ocappalistail in mind.Long-cast performance of the Marvel that is pulled from the long-length blank of 7 ‘ 7 “in the state of maintaining the Finess Style, it is possible to completely capture the honey spot that no one could cast.I set it up with blanks which considered the operability such as the insect system lure and the swimming worm.And, compared to the same length long rod manufactured by other companies equipped with high-performance rod building Technology A.G.S. Vagabond By extracting the maximum transmission performance of Atari (vibration information), information such as a slight change in Atari and the lure situation during long casting is transmitted to the angler accurately.The weakness of the two-piece long rod is also overcoming the decrease in sensitivity (communication ability).