ESS / AGS (Air Guide System) / SVF COMPILE-X / X45 / 3DX / V-Joint / TUBULARPOWERSLIM

Heartland 20th Anniversary Model. High sensitivity is achieved by the “AGS” equipped with a lightweight, high rigidity, trouble-free R-type frame and a thin, lightweight C ring and an N ring. The long throw performance is limited to the range that was not reached by 06 Shiroha by the unique method and high elasticity that are allowed only for the flagship that “SVF COMPILE-X” is thinly and thickly wound. Become highly sensitive. Heartland’s first “SVF COMPILE-X” blank, assisted by “X45” and “3DX”, completely eliminates play and power loss. From the search bait such as cranks, minnows and shadds to Texas rigs, caro, swim baits and even smoravas, nail rigs and no-sinkers, the rod has a wide range of use, making it a versatile rod.