[ESS / AGS (Air Guide System) / SVF COMPILE-X / X45 / 3DX / V-Joint / TUBLARPOWERSLIM]

Heartland’s 20th Anniversary Model that continues to propose new fishing methods with a unique concept in the world of bass fishing. Haruhiko Murakami and Heartland have formed the next generation “Ultimate Kishi Fishing Versatile” succeeding “04 White Shippu” and “07 White Shippu”, which are called “Ultimate Kishi Fishing Versatile”, by Daiwa Technology. As the name suggests, the blank was created using the one and only manufacturing method allowed only for the Heartland flagship that wraps the SVF Compilation X thinly. In addition, Hartland’s first SVF compile X, assisted by X45 and 3DX, is a thin-walled blank that eliminates play and power loss. In addition, the guide uses a lightweight, high-rigidity, trouble-free R-type frame, and AGS with a thin, lightweight C-ring and N-ring to further enhance the performance of the blank. Needless to say, the long throwing performance is more than Shippu Nanachi by being 2 inches longer than Shippu Nana. With the unique performance of SVF compilation X and tubular power slim that makes it hard and curved, and Murakami’s tone that draws a bending curve from the tip of the tip to the original, it can handle not only Texas rigs and rubber jigs but also vibration, crankbait, minnow, The result is a gem-like rod that can be operated like a “white gale”.