KTF PX Super Finesse

Name KTF PX Super Finesse
Weight 5.2 Ounces
Material Magnesium Body, Magnesium Sideplate
Bearing count 8+1RB
Gear ratio 8.1:1
Maximum Drag 8.8 Pounds
Handle length 80mm
Retrieve Right/Left
Brake System Air Brake
Line Retrive per Turn (IPT)  Inches
Line Capacity 8lb - 45m
Year Produced 2014
Quantity Produced  NA
MSRP 49800¥

Notes: The KTF PX Super Finesse is the second KTF iteration of the PX68.  The reel features a Pixy sized version of Daiwas Air Spool equipped with IXA bearings.  It also see's a gear ratio increase from the PX68 to 8.1:1.  The reel was sold only by lottery in February 2014.