TD-Z Big Bait Special

Name TD-Z Big Bait Special (BBS)
Base reel TDZ 100M
Weight 7.3 Ounces
Material Magnesium Frame, Magnesium Sideplate
Bearing count 10+1RB
Gear ratio 5.7:1
Maximum Drag 8.8 Pounds
Handle length 90mm
Retrieve Right/Left
Brake System Magforce
Line Retrive per Turn (IPT) 25.4 Inches
Line Capacity 20lb - 120m
Year Produced 2005-2007
Quantity Produced  
MSRP 49000¥

Notes: The TD-Z BBS is a big bait tuned model of the base TD-Z.  It features a deep flat spool with fixed inductor to hold larger line.  The main gear is brass while the pinion is made of a tough alloy to be more durable when throwing big baits all the time.  The handle is 90mm and it has oversized knobs.