Certate Finesse Custom

The Certate Finesse Custom was produced from 2005-2009.  The reel was designed to be used in both freshwater and saltwater.  The drags are light and tuned for finesse lines.  The handles are machine cut and feature I-Shape knobs.  The reel came with a neoprene Daiwa reel cover.

Reel Name Gear Ratio Weight Bearing Count Maximum Drag Line Retrive per Turn (IPT) Line Capacity Handle Length MSRP
2004 4.8:1 7.9oz 10+1RB 4.4 Pounds 24.8 Inches 4lb - 100m 55mm 44880¥
2506 4.8:1 8.3oz 10+1RB 4.4 Pounds 27.9 Inches 6lb - 100m 55mm 45360¥