The Daiwa Zillion TW was released in 2015. Featuring a 90mm swept handle and a variety of retrieve speeds from 5.5:1 to a blazing fast 9.1:1, Daiwa hoped this would replace the older TD Zillion as one of its most popular models. All reels are made of aluminum, with a Zaion sideplate and comes with a clicking drag star and Daiwa’s T Wing System (TWS). The reels have a specific color scheme for each retrieve ratio. The 5.5:1 ratio is sliver, the 6.3:1 ratio is gold, the 7.3:1 is red and the 9.1:1 is green. The Zillion TW is safe for use in salt water.

TW 1516

TW 1516H

TW 1516SH