A dish to give to “ultra-long throwers” anglers who aim for big fish by using snake caro
ZILLION TW HLC 1514 is not satisfied with the line capacity of the ZILLION TW HLC 1514. It is a super-distance cast user in Lake Biwa Hama, and Haruhiko Murakami proposes a new specification and a new design as a sharp item for the snake caro that is a persistent request of the tester.
■ Equipped with HLC1516 spool [G1 duralumin ultra-high precision Φ36mm HLC deep groove spool: 16lb-100m]
■ Ultra-high rigidity high precision super metal housing (frame, gear side aluminum side plate & aluminum set plate)
■ TWS installed
■ G1 duralumin drive gear installed
■ Equipped with carbon crank handle 90mm
Specification details
■ G1 Duralumin ultra-high precision Φ36mm HLC spool installed
Long-awaited deep groove spool: 16lb-100m line capacity.
[Compatible with existing ZIL TW HLC1514 spool and RCSB1500 spool]
■ Equipped with carbon crank handle 90mm Equipped with
carbon crank handle 90mm + power light S knob.
Achieve a highly sensitive retrieve feel.
image ■ Made of G1 duralumin Ultra-high precision HLC spool
Made of “G1 duralumin” which is about 1.3 times stronger than the ultra-super duralumin used for spools as the strongest aluminum material. An ultra-high-precision spool that has extremely low noise and spool runout during casting, is comfortable and trouble-free, and contributes to an increase in flight distance.
image ■ Magforce Z Long Distance By
making the Magforce Z Long Distance Tune specification (induct rotor movable), it is effective when a strong brake is required at the beginning of the cast, and the brake is set to be weak in the second half, as a result The best brake for long-distance casting, which gives a light start and a stretch in the latter half of the cast.
image ■ TWS [T-Wing System]
T-shape level wind has a structure that rotates half a turn back and forth according to the clutch ON / OFF. When casting, the level wind rotates forward and the line is smoothly discharged through the wide part of the T-shape level wind. At the time of retrieval, the level wind tilts backward and makes a half turn, and the line is guided to the groove at the bottom of the level wind, and it is wound tightly and in parallel. Daiwa’s original level wind system that achieves both line emission performance and trouble-free.
image ■ UTD [Ultimate Tournament Drag]
Eliminates the initial bite at the beginning of the drag effect, and combines the maximum drag force that works as you tighten while achieving smoothness without stick (unevenness).
image ■ SPEED SHAFT [Speed ​​shaft] The
spool is only supported by the BB. The shaftless makes the extra resistance zero and the ideal spool rotation can be obtained.
Other functions / specifications
Functions / specifications Feature
Super metal housing Super metal, which has overwhelming rigidity compared to the resin frame, prevents the frame from being distorted or shaken under high load such as when interacting with fish. The power of the angler is transmitted without loss, enabling smooth and powerful hoisting.
Real precision (high precision) spool An ultra-high-precision spool that has extremely low noise and spool runout during casting, is comfortable and trouble-free, and contributes to an increase in flight distance. Compared to a normal spool, it has the advantages of “you can earn a flight distance without force” and “a small and light lure is easy to handle”.
Tough & rigid clutch system Precise and durable clutch system.
Drag adjustment click A mechanism that makes a clicking sound when adjusting the drag.
CRBB number / total BB number 4/10
ZILLION series lineup comparison
image image image
Feature The fastest bait in the world (Tuning machine that Omori Pro has been waiting for.) Tough Concept Versatile Model: You can capture any field! Heavy-duty specifications with extreme power fishing Super long throw model: For
Hama’s long throw angler
Tough concept
Long cast performance
Accuracy performance
Versatile performance × ×
Lightweight lure compatible ×
Power game compatibility
Winding stability
Operation performance
Specialty field lure Fast pull of lipless crank, frog, stick bait, minnowing, etc. Wide range of games from finesse games to power games, regardless of freshwater or seawater Also good at salt games such as magnum crank, super deep crank, big bait, cover shooting, etc. Ultra-long throw of snake caro at Lake Biwa Hama
Price (¥) 43,000 38,900 46,500 1516: 47,500,
1514: 44,300
Own weight (g) 215 195 (XXH: 200) 230 (XH: 240) 205 (1514: 215)
Maximum drag force (kg) 4.5 Five 7 Five
Standard winding amount (lb-m): FLUORO / NYLON 14-45 ~ 90, 16-40 ~ 80 14-45 ~ 90, 16-40 ~ 80 16-125, 20-100 1516: 16-100, 20-80
1514: 14-100, 16:85
Handle length (mm) 90 90 100 90
Spool diameter (mm) φ34 φ34 φ36 φ36
CRBB number / total BB number 0/10 4/8 10/10 1516: 4/10,
1514: 10/10
Brake type Air brake system Air brake system Magforce Magforce Z-Long Distance Tune
SV concept
Extra super duralumin spool G1 G1 G1 G1
UTD (Ultimate Tournament Drag)
Housing: Frame material: AL
(Super metal housing)

(Super metal housing)

(1516: Super metal housing)
Housing: Side plate (gear side) Material: AL ● (1516 only)
Salt compatible ● (1516: For freshwater only)
  • ◎: Especially excellent
    〇: Excellent
    △: Normal
    ×: Slightly inferior