An evolution of Zillion, the ultimate in power fishing.
The long-awaited G1 duralumin DEEP spool (φ36mm ・ 20lb.-100m) is now available on the tough concept bait and Zillion TW series. Equipped with an aluminum reinforced housing (aluminum side plate on the gear side and aluminum set plate), a 100mm aluminum crank handle, and a power round EVA knob for powerful winding. We also have a lineup of crazy cranker models that are ideal for scrolls. Adopts Mag Shield BB and All CRBB, and also supports salt.
Learn the true power game now.
imageBased on the ZILLION TW 1516, the ZILLION TW HD, a tough concept model that can withstand even heavier duty use, is born. 1520 = 20lb. × 100m, long-awaited deep groove spool is made of G1 duralumin. It is super lightweight yet boasts high strength, and demonstrates smooth rotation performance even on large-capacity lines. The reinforced housing, which is armed with full aluminum on both the side plate on the gear side and the set plate, has an overwhelming sense of rigidity that takes the initiative in matching up with monsters.
Yukiya Uchiyama, who is known as a professional guide specializing in shallow covers, which is rare in big lakes, has the highest expectations for this model, which can be called a dedicated power game machine. As early as 1520SH with a gear ratio of 7.3, PE56lb. Was involved, and its power was confirmed in a frog game with Air Edge 721HB / E.
“It’s a true heavy cover game that pulls fish out of the mat, and the full aluminum housing’s crispness supports powerful winding. No distortion.”
The 100mm long handle provides powerful winding, and the high-grip fingers on the power round EVA knob complete the game without being guided by the glass jungle.
“We will further increase the possibilities with the Magnum crank, which has been a hot topic in recent years, and the Super Deep crank, which explores water depths of over 4m.”
Uchiyama tested the representative of scrolls with strong resistance at 1520H of 6.3.
“The winding feeling is the same as the conventional 5.5. It makes it easy to wind this class, which is said to be impossible with the average Japanese physical strength.” The increased gear ratio also contributes to increased sensitivity. Challenge the world.


Daiwa’s waterproof and durable technology ” MAGSE ALED BALL BEARING ” has the greatest merit of eliminating rust and abnormal noise of ball bearings and maintaining initial performance for a long period of time. To do. If almost all ball bearings, not only for reels, are used for a certain period of time, the rotational performance deteriorates due to the wear of the balls. However, conventional ball bearings for reels are often unusable due to salt stains and rust before the balls are worn. This changes completely with Mag Shield. Ball bearings will reach their “original life” without any maintenance. Further, since the mag-shield ball bearing has a non-contact structure in which mag oil fills a slight gap between the inner ring and the electrode plate, the rotational resistance is originally very small. The difference in rotational feel is clear when compared to bearings that use rubber packing inside for waterproofing. Smooth rotation with infinitely zero friction is maintained for a surprisingly long time without any special care. It goes without saying how groundbreaking this is.

image■ TWS (T-Wing System)
T-shape level wind has a structure that rotates half a turn back and forth according to the clutch ON / OFF. When casting, the level wind rotates forward and the line is smoothly discharged through the wide part of the T-shape level wind. At the time of retrieval, the level wind tilts backward and makes a half turn, and the line is guided to the groove at the bottom of the level wind, and it is wound tightly and in parallel. Daiwa’s original level wind system that achieves both line emission performance and trouble-free.

image■ UTD [Ultimate Tournament Drag]
Eliminates the initial bite at the beginning of the drag effect, and has the maximum drag force that works as you tighten while achieving smoothness without stick (unevenness).

Other functions / specifications
Functions / specifications Feature
G1 Duralumin Magforce Spool Equipped with a high-strength G1 duralumin spool of Φ36 mm. Long-awaited deep groove spool: 20lb-100m line capacity.
Tough concept bait Aluminum reinforced housing (with side plate on the handle side and aluminum set plate). Equipped with 100mm aluminum crank handle and power round EVA knob, it also contributes to comfortable winding during actual fishing.

■ Handle side side plate & aluminum set plate
■ 10BB (all CRBB)
■ Aluminum crank 100mm + power round EVA knob

ZILLION series lineup comparison
image image image
Feature The fastest bait in the world (Tuning machine that Omori Pro has been waiting for.) Tough Concept Versatile Model: You can capture any field! Heavy-duty specifications with extreme power fishing Super long throw model: For
Hama’s long throw angler
Tough concept
Long cast performance
Accuracy performance
Versatile performance × ×
Lightweight lure compatible ×
Power game compatibility
Winding stability
Operation performance
Specialty field lure Fast pull of lipless crank, frog, stick bait, minnowing, etc. Wide range of games from finesse games to power games, regardless of freshwater or seawater Also good at salt games such as magnum crank, super deep crank, big bait, cover shooting, etc. Ultra-long throw of snake caro at Lake Biwa Hama
Price (¥) 43,000 38,900 46,500 1516: 47,500,
1514: 44,300
Own weight (g) 215 195 (XXH: 200) 230 (XH: 240) 205 (1514: 215)
Maximum drag force (kg) 4.5 Five 7 Five
Standard winding amount (lb-m): FLUORO / NYLON 14-45 ~ 90, 16-40 ~ 80 14-45 ~ 90, 16-40 ~ 80 16-125, 20-100 1516: 16-100, 20-80
1514: 14-100, 16:85
Handle length (mm) 90 90 100 90
Spool diameter (mm) φ34 φ34 φ36 φ36
CRBB number / total BB number 0/10 4/8 10/10 1516: 4/10,
1514: 10/10
Brake type Air brake system Air brake system Magforce Magforce Z-Long Distance Tune
SV concept
Extra super duralumin spool G1 G1 G1 G1
UTD (Ultimate Tournament Drag)
Housing: Frame material: AL
(Super metal housing)

(Super metal housing)

(1516: Super metal housing)
Housing: Side plate (gear side) Material: AL ● (1516 only)
Salt compatible ● (1516: For freshwater only)
  • ◎: Especially excellent
    〇: Excellent
    △: Normal
    ×: Slightly inferior