Known as Zillion 10 (Ten). The world’s fastest bait sought by the most advanced battlefield is now available!
The world’s fastest tuning machine that Omori Pro, who is active in the cutting-edge American bus tournament scene, has been waiting for. The final evolution model of Zillion wearing a full metal (AL) housing that firmly supports the fastest gear with a handle rotation of 106 cm and a gear ratio of 10.0: 1.
The fastest hyper machine in the world. Rewrite all common sense.

: “I have been saying from the DREAMS COME TRUE 20 years ago 10! 1 is finally finished”

in an era that has been referred to as the once high speed even in the gear ratio of 6.3, also between the Tobei was eager tremendous two-digit numbers It was a young man, Takahiro Omori. After that, in response to the voice of Omori who won the BASS Master Classic for the first time as a Japanese in 2004, DAIWA has been promoting the speeding up of bait reels starting from 7.1. It is well known that over time, he is now in the MLF, where the world’s skills are gathered, with 9.1 as the main axis, and he still has many crowns.

Looking back, it was in the weed area during the low water temperature period, when the reaction worked very well. A quick-winding lipless crank is used to set up a sudden bite, and if you hang it, you can land instantly without saying whether or not it is there. In an ultra-high-speed game where the difference of a few seconds is the difference between light and dark, the recovery power of one rotation of the steering wheel is the key. The dream of a young genius who had found a chance there came true without waiting for a quarter of a century.

Its name is ZILLION 10.0SV TW. The title of the fastest gear ratio in the world is commonly known as “Zillion Ten”. One rotation of the handle finally reached 106 cm, which easily exceeded 3 digits. In addition to the chassis with a full metal housing that promises stable winding with high rigidity, the engine part is equipped with TWS that increases line emission output on the G1 duralumin SV spool that supports a wide range of lures and casts for trouble-free and long-distance casting ability. Also good at. The final evolution of the tuning machine ZILLION will have a blue flame on the engine, which is reminiscent of an insatiable fighting spirit. “The point is to catch (obstacles) objects. If you throw it, you will be invited to it quickly and slowly. If the collection speed is fast, the number of steps will increase.”

The field of bass fishing in the United States is clearly larger than in Japan. It is. I also notice that speed is the first priority for finding a bass, but it also has a different meaning from “fast fishing we think”.

 “I can’t waste my time. The tools have caught up with my speed.” Once the

place where the bass eats becomes clear, the next stage of “Omori’s fast fishing” awaits. If the tool is slow, it will not be possible to catch up with the judge who fully opens the accelerator. There is also a slack line that can be collected at the desired speed once it is hung. It goes without saying that Omori, the “Bank Beater” who shoots down the shoreline, has decided ZILLION 10.0 as his lifelong companion in all fishing.

“Paya! The overwhelming recovery speed allows you to keep yourself away from the spot you are aiming for. It will be the basis for conquering the pressure.” In

Japan, frog master Yukiya Uchiyama has already taken advantage of “Ten”. I found. Of course, the castability to shoot through pin spots with sometimes sharp low trajectory and sometimes vivid skipping is free. He focused on avoiding conscious saves and maximizing the extra long cast performance.

In the domestic field, which is becoming extremely tough, it is a big proposition to make the target not aware of the existence of anglers. Moreover, if the number of casts can be increased with the speed of collection, the probability of a bite chance will simply increase. Frog is not the only opportunity to pitch. He is also enthusiastic about fishing such as stick bait and minnowing, and fishing such as big spoon to catch a momentary bite at the time of fall.

 “Super speed that the bus has never seen. If you go out in this situation, you can bring it to a clearly advantageous development.”

Kyoya Fujita, a young man with expectations, does not hesitate to get a “Ten” proto. Set to a rigid rod. The tip of the thick thread is a giant bait that is 30 cm and approaches 6 oz. Swing out with a dynamic cast, and as soon as it lands on the water with a plosive sound, it is lightly medium retrieve. Although the steering wheel rotation speed has not reached the limit yet, he smiled at the appearance of swimming equivalent to the conventional fast winding. Expectations continue to rise as we look ahead to the future.

There is no doubt that the standards for bass fishing will change significantly this season in 2020. Of course, it is DAIWA that will change.

How to make full use of the spool performance that rapidly increases the number of revolutions due to the weight reduction and low resistance of spools in recent years …? DAIWA put a scalpel there. Backlash is like a car in traffic. Congestion. Big city, road with heavy traffic. If the number of lanes suddenly decreases and cars are concentrated, it will be congested immediately. On the contrary, if the number of lanes increases … There is no congestion, it will proceed swiftly. TWS is the spool rotation speed The resistance at the line guide near the spool, which is the highest, is greatly reduced, and it promises comfortable fishing with less backlash. It flies well, controllability is improved, fall is fast, and backlash is small. TWS is bait Improve all basic performance of the reel.
■ SV concept The SV
that maximizes the actual combat benefits unique to magnetic brakes is hard to backlash, and the cast is easily decided … As a result, you can catch well! Light weight of about 4 to 5 g with the minimum adjustment of the mag dial. You can handle everything from rigs to heavy lures literally without stress. You don’t have to spend time setting up by changing spools or opening side plates. Among the existing bait reels, lure defense The SV, which has the widest range, can be used in any style or field, from okappari to boats. The air brake system maximizes the effectiveness of the magnetic brake and completes a new era of versatile reels.
■ G1 Duralumin Spool
Boasts 1.3 times the strength of extra super duralumin and twice the strength of magnesium, and if you maintain the same strength, you will achieve an overwhelming lightness. Maintains strength by thinning without blanking.
■ High-precision machine-cut super metal housing By
adopting super metal (aluminum alloy) for all the housings of the frame, side plate, and set plate, the set plate is made of aluminum, which demonstrates light weight and high rigidity, and causes blurring and distortion. Suppress. It is also directly linked to the improvement of rotation performance and hoisting performance.
■ High Grip I Shape Light Knob A
new shape of High Grip I Shape Light Knob. It was developed for the ultimate in thinness and a grip that sticks to your fingers.
■ UTD [Ultimate Tournament Drag]
Eliminates the initial bite at the beginning of the drag effect, and has the maximum drag force that works as you tighten while achieving smoothness without stick (unevenness).
■ Air brake system
A brake system that achieves stress-free usability with extremely little backlash while significantly improving accuracy performance. The combination of the lightweight induct rotor structure and the lightweight spool greatly improves the rotational response as a spool unit. At the same time, the setting aims for a synergistic effect with the mag brake that has a clear on and off effect, and the brake works well at full cast, but at low rotation such as pitching, the induct rotor does not pop out and you can shoot with a low trajectory. In other words, the spool rises quickly even with a small force, the lure flies surprisingly well without force, and on the contrary, the backlash zone generated by the force is braked exactly. The result is a high level of comfort with the same brake settings for pitching and casting.
ZILLION series lineup comparison
image image image
Feature The fastest bait in the world (Tuning machine that Omori Pro has been waiting for.) Tough Concept Versatile Model: You can capture any field! Heavy-duty specifications with extreme power fishing Super long throw model: For
Hama’s long throw angler
Tough concept
Long cast performance
Accuracy performance
Versatile performance × ×
Lightweight lure compatible ×
Power game compatibility
Winding stability
Operation performance
Specialty field lure Fast pull of lipless crank, frog, stick bait, minnowing, etc. Wide range of games from finesse games to power games, regardless of freshwater or seawater Also good at salt games such as magnum crank, super deep crank, big bait, cover shooting, etc. Ultra-long throw of snake caro at Lake Biwa Hama
Price (¥) 43,000 38,900 46,500 1516: 47,500,
1514: 44,300
Own weight (g) 215 195 (XXH: 200) 230 (XH: 240) 205 (1514: 215)
Maximum drag force (kg) 4.5 Five 7 Five
Standard winding amount (lb-m): FLUORO / NYLON 14-45 ~ 90, 16-40 ~ 80 14-45 ~ 90, 16-40 ~ 80 16-125, 20-100 1516: 16-100, 20-80
1514: 14-100, 16:85
Handle length (mm) 90 90 100 90
Spool diameter (mm) φ34 φ34 φ36 φ36
CRBB number / total BB number 0/10 4/8 10/10 1516: 4/10,
1514: 10/10
Brake type Air brake system Air brake system Magforce Magforce Z-Long Distance Tune
SV concept
Extra super duralumin spool G1 G1 G1 G1
UTD (Ultimate Tournament Drag)
Housing: Frame material: AL
(Super metal housing)

(Super metal housing)

(1516: Super metal housing)
Housing: Side plate (gear side) Material: AL ● (1516 only)
Salt compatible ● (1516: For freshwater only)
  • ◎: Especially excellent
    〇: Excellent
    △: Normal
    ×: Slightly inferior