[Serpent Rising Retribution]

[SERPENT RISING RETRIBUTION] is a fusion of sharpness, viscosity and toughness.

The [SERPENT RISING RETRIBUTION] series was developed with the focus on weight reduction and sharpness improvement without sacrificing the toughness peculiar to the [SERPENT RISING] series. Employs a stress-free taper design that draws strong torque characteristics without excess and deficiency, with blanks made up of highly reliable medium elastic graphite that produces moderate tension and stickiness. And sometimes spend more than one season per model, and practice thorough field tests to the details. This is a ryogyo rod that is carefully thought out and trained in the field. Although it is the same category, it is a maniac and hardcore series that is different from the super standard [GUN2ZERO]. “Terrific” as an intuitive tool at first glance is not born by superficial exterior craftsmanship. The bottom force struck up in the field floats as an intimidating presence.


Mounted with Fuji.SiC guide titanium frame and double foot model T-KWSG. The top guide is T-MNST.


T-DPS-D20 Non-slip finish that contributes to a moist hold feeling that is hard to slip on the reel seat. Long nut and IP chrome hood that are easy to tighten and not loosen.


Equipped with original counter balancer machined with SUS304 and engraved logo. Reduces the weight during use. The XSR series uses 35.0g.

A model for exploring a heavy heavy cover centered on hishiki that has been laid down, and to reliably bring out large fish that have been broken in the long range. It is possible to carry a lure far away with a tapered design set close to regular. The rear handle, which is 410mm long, also plays a role in improving long throwing performance. It is suitable for the point capture that is scattered off the coastal area of ​​Hishi seen from midsummer to late summer.