Born for the purpose of world record only, the name is “Tenjinjin”.

This is an ultra-shaft grade ultra shaft that can fully cast a 40cm over giant bait. The tip section that can handle the giant bait freely and resists pull resistance realizes the exquisite tension derived from many tests. Destructive torque is controlled by overwhelming power by allowing a thick-axis hook to penetrate the monster’s jaw instantly.


* The image is proto.

An ultimate edition of innovation that embodies the dream of a hot challenger.

In the atelier atelier, tailor-made special tackle is tailored for a special angler in line with Yuki Ito’s thoughts.
At ITIO, Japan’s leading actor TS supports World Record Making, a challenge that takes his life as a mother lake.
Produced SPECIALEDITION to make sure a huge monster is hook-set and brought into the landing.
We express the rare specs derived from TS’s uncompromising actual fishing test without hesitation.
Its name is the “DESTROYER TS” model, bearing the title of the Destroyer that Mr. TS continues to love.
This is a special specification shaft that contains a lot of passion to confront the world record and a number of undisclosed and prior technologies that are not yet generally adopted in the bass fishing world.