Megabass challenges a completely new bass rod. A rod made exclusively for fishing world records made just for the “angler who follows the dream”.
The world’s best record fish can only be obtained by those who are serious about it. Of course, tackle can never be caught unless it is made only for that purpose.

The first thing Megabus did to make this rod was to abandon the concept of the bus rod so far. Adopting DNA-SLX graphite system developed for tuna fighting in the material, the birth of blanks like the super high torque authorization. The power to fully cast a big bait over 200 grams and the torque to lift even a 20-pound class fish from the deep range.

The guide system is also equipped with an all double foot and is completely reinforced by double wrapping. Even if the Whirl Record class is a fish that is far beyond imagination, a specification that doesn’t show the opportunity to give the initiative to show the fight of the amazing terrain.

The dedicated hood that increases reel holding power. By securing the reel, we promise a stable fight.

Taper action is fast. A tip that pursues sensitivity while being the only power rod.
Uses a grip-in joint method. Eliminates all strength concerns while considering the final dimensions.

An ultimate edition of innovation that embodies the dream of a hot challenger.

In the atelier atelier, tailor-made special tackle is tailored for a special angler in line with Yuki Ito’s thoughts.
At ITIO, Japan’s leading actor TS supports World Record Making, a challenge that takes his life as a mother lake.
Produced SPECIALEDITION to make sure a huge monster is hook-set and brought into the landing.
We express the rare specs derived from TS’s uncompromising actual fishing test without hesitation.
Its name is the “DESTROYER TS” model, bearing the title of the Destroyer that Mr. TS continues to love.
This is a special specification shaft that contains a lot of passion to confront the world record and a number of undisclosed and prior technologies that are not yet generally adopted in the bass fishing world.