The TD-Z was introduced in 1998 and produced until 2005 as Daiwas flagship low profile reel.  The left hand mirror model 103ML was introduced in 2000 and the 100M/ML in 2003.  They are equipped with a Nano-Crystal V-Shaped GIGAS spool.  All models except the 100M/100ML have 34mm diameter spools, with the the 100M’s having a 36mm.  The reels feature Daiwas Magforce-V braking system.  The reel bodies and sideplates are made of magnesium alloy.  The 105HL and 103HL models are special left handed “gripping shape” models designed for easy flipping and pitching.  The 100M has a larger deeper spool and longer handle for crank baits and spinnerbaits.  All models feature I-Shape knobs, a clicking drag star, and clicking cast control cap.  The TD-Z won a 2000-2001 Good Design Award in Japan and was also used in 2000 to win the Japanese Casting Championship in the Two Handed Throwing Distance class by Mr. Kenji Okamoto with a distance of 101.25m.

TD-Z 103H

TD-Z 103HL

TD-Z 100ML