The Daiwa T3 Ballistic debuted in 2011 alongside the T3-1016 as a more affordable reel with the new T-Wing System.  When the clutch of the reel is depressed the hood of the reel (which is integrated with the clutch) flips up to reveal the T-Wing line guide.  The T-Wing line guide is T shaped.  The line is directed into the lower part of the “T” by a stabilizer bar attached to the hood when in retrieve mode.  When the clutch is depressed and the reel is in casting mode the stabilizer no longer directs the line into the lower channel part of the “T”.  Instead the line is allowed to flow freely across the upper “T” part of the guide providing 10.3% more casting range and 5.3% more distance per Daiwa.  The reel features a full Zaion construction including pop up hood.  The drag star and cast control cap feature micro click adjustment.  The handle is swept and the knobs are riveted on.  The body has a “natural Zaion finish” which resembles black marble.  The 8.1:1 Hyper Speed models is identical in appearance to the High Speed 7.1:1 models except a cut out black handle.  The T3 Ballistic is made in Thailand.