The “Road Runner Structure NXS” is the NEXT STAGE series of the original “Structure”, which is a special type of soft bait by setting parts of the “Road Runner” blank.
The basic structure of the blank is the tuning that is possible only because it is exclusive to the soft bait without losing the torque feeling unique to the “road runner”, and the tension and sensitivity are greatly improved. Although it is a torque-oriented blank that is difficult to reduce in weight, it is both lightweight and has high operability.

The power of the lure itself is “weak” compared to the hard lure. However, it is a well-known fact that there are situations that cannot be eaten without it. If you are an angler who does not make “defensive fishing” for fishing soft bait games for the time being, but “progressive slowdown” aiming for big fish, you will definitely be a partner. That is the Road Runner Structure NXS.

All models have adopted the Fuji frame titanium frame torzeite guide with the highest priority placed on lightness and sensitivity. The bait casting uses LRV for the butt part and KT for the berry part from the bellows. Spinning uses KL for the butt part and KT for the berry part and the settings are optimized for each item. Also compatible with PE lines.


Structure NXS blank based on a torqueful road runner blank specialized for soft lure performance. The blank color is black paint up to the bat guide, and from there it is unpainted carbon black to reduce weight, improving lightness and sensitivity. (Solid tip part uses matte clear coating)


The item with “St” at the end of the item has a short carbon solid tip that has both bait and lure operability. Until now, a small bite that could only be captured by changing the line is represented as a tip bend.


“Moment delay” blank adopted for STN640MLS-Md. This is a blank made using a special manufacturing method in which the tip part is made of all-tubular instead of solid tip, and the tip part is made of low elastic carbon, and the berry to bat is made of high elastic carbon. The tip has a high-speed twitch that allows it to absorb the lure’s movements and the softness that leaves the lure in the mouth of the bass. The bat has a strong tension that allows hooking over the cover with ease. It is a blank for experts who can understand the meaning of extreme bending.


The bait casting is an original short EVA with the smallest shape in the image of a non-slip fore grip, a symbol of road runner. Equipped with a small touchable Fuji Industrial ECS reel seat that can be touched blank. The spinning uses a Fuji Kogyo VSS sheet with carbon pipes where the forefinger and thumb are placed. In both cases, the cork handle is set with emphasis on grip during casting, freedom during action, and sensitivity. The separated rear grip is EVA.