The Daiwa Steez was produced from 2006-2012.  All models were made in Japan.  The 103H was introduced in 2006, the 100H in 2007, and the 100SH in 2009.  The reel features a Magnesium frame as well as Magnesium sideplates.  The reel is based on the TD-Z Type-R+ Limited Edition reels.  The V spool on the 103 models features an R+ tuned inductor and is made of A7075 Aluminum.  The flat spool on the 100 features a purple inductor and is also made of A7075 Aluminum.  Both spools are 34mm OD.  The drag is an eight disc carbon setup.  The drag star and cast control cap feature micro click adjustment.  American market reels all feature an “A” after the Japan model name. The Japan origin reels feature I-Shape knobs that say “Steez” where as the US origin reels feature plain I-Shape knobs.  The “H” models have gold trim, the “SH” models have red trim, the “SHA” models have red trim with a red spool.  Reels with an “L” designate left hand retrieve models.  The sideplate magnets on the 103 models are weaker than that of it’s predecessor the TD-Z R+ and is attributed for the reels “wild” nature.

Steez 100H

Steez 100HL

Steez 103SHA