In 2017 after the introduction of the Steez SV TWS, Daiwa brought a more rigid saltwater friendly version of the reel to market, the Steez A TWS.  The reels main feature is its high precision machine cut aluminum frame allowing it to be the first Steez safe for use in salt water applications.  To further it’s saltwater usefulness the reel features a Magseal pinion bearing, ATD drag setup, and a longer 90mm handle.  The reel also utilizes the Zero Adjuster like the Steez SV TWS, but the knobs are the larger standard I-Shape.  Also following suit with it’s freshwater safe brother, the Steez A TWS is available in two ratios and left and right hand retrieve.  Gold accenting is standard with the 6.3 versions and red with the 7.1 versions.