Strongest TOP water lure “Tone splash” more BIG FISH! Don’t miss the short byte!
Top water special rod “SPLASH” which answered such a reckless request of “Mitsuo Suzuki”.
With Just Ace’s MCT (Mascular Cyclone Technology), we achieve the “smoothness,” “repulsive force,” and “power” required for top water lures.
Castability that can send lure to pin spot with low trajectory by sharp repulsion of rod. The flexible tip that can manipulate the splash that is the origin of the name exquisitely and delicately does not miss the kiss bite. And, a strong bat that you can not imagine in appearance takes big fish as a ball, and its potential can not hide surprises.
Aiming to conquer the top, it is a special rod created!
Titanium guide
Lightweight & small diameter titanium guide specification
Slim and easy to hold ECS reel seat & frontless carbon grip