A rod that makes the down shot rig with a very small and extremely light sinker handleable.
It is lightweight with a weight of about 100g, and the ease of handling and high sensitivity arising from high balance are the ultimate “down shot special” rods.
Don’t miss the short bytes and the few bytes at Tough Lake, “Hatch”.
The high sensitivity and delicate tip make it possible to feel the 10m deep bite firmly at hand, and the torqueful bat can attract the lander surely.
The berry is sharp at first glance but has flexibility and flexibility that other rods do not have, and it absorbs power well when fighting with fish and reduces baldness.
Blanks use high-end “MS-TECHNOLOGY” blanks manufactured by Justace.
Muscular Cyclone Technology
Muscular Cyclone Technology succeeded in creating an unprecedented tough and flexible blank by winding carbon tape with high precision and high density.
Amazingly strong, light and sharp, it’s the ultimate perfect blanking process that combines everything.

SWEEPHOOKER [Carbon Solid Tip Model]

A carbon solid tip rod for breaking down the situation of extremely tough condition where it is necessary to make full use of a very small soft bait of around 2 inches and an extremely light rig of 1/16 oz or less, and a situation where extremely short bites occur frequently and hooking is difficult.
The tip section uses 40 cm “carbon solid” to take advantage of “solidity”. As a result, the entrapment rate of the bus at the time of low activity is dramatically improved, and microbite that can not be felt in the hand can be performed firmly to the hookup.
Because it is flexible and torquey from belly to bat, it corresponds well to sudden big bus hits and hard-to-get small-mouth small bus buses. The entire rod absorbs the power of the fish and can be exchanged securely even at the light line.
Blanks use high-end “MS-TECHNOLOGY” blanks manufactured by Justace.

GERWALK [full carbon solid model]

Finesse plucking rod completed on the premise of using shad plug including Baby Shad FC.
Taking advantage of the “stickiness” and “toughness” unique to All Solid, we created a rod action that allows you to freely manipulate the “Shad plug” that was difficult with tubular rods and solid tip rods.
Shad’s “rolling method” as well as all-solid features make it possible to perform delicate “placing in a bowl” by directing the strength of swimming with rod work.
Even with a low activity, such as a “kiss bite” that only looks at the tail of many shad plugs, it can be brought into a firm hookup by taking advantage of the characteristics of a solid.
In anticipation of using a slightly thicker line (Froro 4 to 5 lb) with the shad plug, the tip section uses a larger guide inner diameter than other models, reducing flight distance and line entanglement .

Common specification

A tour guide
Lightweight torque guide specification
Slender TVS Reel Seat