Monster rod equipped with hunting specifications.

A monster fish rod “Huge Custom” that was developed not only for the record grade bus but also for all the giant fishes.

The power blank which asked for the power rather than the sensitivity and the torque rather than the lightness, the power blank which never gives in to the power of the giant fish thoroughly pursues the characteristics which stick to the limit while enhancing versatility. Furthermore, taking full advantage of its characteristics, the spiral guide system corresponding to the blade line has a strong setting with double lapping, and looks at the hunting of monsters in the world to catch any monsters, even if it is a monster. A multi-piece model that eliminates all troubles when traveling is also lineup, and supports monster fish hunters.

“Huge Custom” is a hunting rod that was created to defeat the battle against monsters that may no longer be called hunting.

Parts & Details

■ High torque and high power blank The blank
that thoroughly pursues the sticky power exerts an astonishing torque. Follow the rush of a large fish stickly, stop with power and float with torque. A high torque & high power blank that embodies the elements that a power rod should be required in a setting specialized for giant fish.


T-MNST TOP GUIDE ■ fuji T-MNST ocean top guide suitable for use of PE line in T-MNST TOP GUIDE 
bait model. Heavy-duty design that reduces the line entanglement of the tip and withstands abuse.
Double wrapping■ Double Wrapping 
Double wrapping is adopted for fixing all guides except the top guide.
A strong guide setting that prevents the blank from being damaged by the guide foot even when showing extreme bending. 
 ※ We adopt single lapping for spinning model.


Normal guide setting / H3N-62FSpiral setting■ Double-foot, titanium-frame, SiC-guide setting
, spiral-guide setting model:
Reduces power loss due to twisting, maximizes the characteristics of sticky blanks, and has the effect of suppressing yarn entanglement and problems. -Normal
guide setting model:
A guide diameter, castability, and packing with an emphasis on overseas travel, which are sized so that 100 lb class leaders can be cast without stress.


Grip end design Heiko Cork Grip End / H3N ■ Grip end design Grip end design
that reduces slips, etc. that suddenly let go of the rod at the time of cast of a sudden bite & run of a huge fish and a big lure.
Models with a high strength high-ear cork grip end have a balancer effect with a moderate weight, and enhance the sense of ownership by using a dull black luster.


■ Multi-piece models The multi-piece models
such as the multi- piece model H2N-64R and H1N-60R have dimensions that can be stored in a suitcase to prevent problems that occur when traveling. Also, if you use the “deps tip cover”, it will protect against external shocks.
Spinning models with large guide diameters use small-diameter low rider guides that significantly reduce the rate of guide breakage.




Length: 8’1 “(1 piece / grip removable) | Action: XXX-Heavy Regular Fast Taper | Grip Length: 525 mm | 267 g | \ 58,000 (excluding tax) 2010.3 release.


■ Huge custom H3S-81RF
3X heavy regular regular first which combines overwhelming tip and power which shakes out a huge bait of 10 ounce class, and a flexible tip which does not kill the action of a lure while realizing a remarkable torque. A wide range of adaptability due to sticky blanks, from regular size to super heavyweight big bait game, corresponds to high dimensions. In addition, it is a huge custom flagship model that can overwhelm others with a super long cast in the cover game of Frog.

Grip design: The long cast “H3S-81RF” has a long rear grip that gives priority to long distance and hold for swinging heavy weights.


Length: 7’6 “(1 piece / grip removable) | Action: XXX-Heavy Regular Fast Taper | Grip Length: 495 mm | 237 g | \ 55,000 (excluding tax) 2010.3 release.


■ Huge custom H3S-76RF The
length which made much of handling and operability has a blank characteristic very similar to H3S-81RF, and is especially useful for overseas expedition. In hunting monster fishes abroad, there are many situations that require long casts and pin spot capture from a poor foothold shore or a narrow boat, and you can confront meter-over monsters while providing castability, accuracy and operability. Power is required. A model that corresponds widely to Big Bait, Frog, Big Top Water after realizing them all on a high level.

Grip design: Employs separate grips that require good handling and versatility.


Length: 7’5 “(1 piece / grip removable) | Action: XX-Heavy Regular Fast Taper | Grip Lenghth: 457 mm | about 230 g | \ 54,000 (excluding tax) 2010.3 release.


■ Huge custom H2S-75RF
2X · heavy model equipped with power and torque that can cross over well with meter over if it is a water stop area and open water. Heavy Versatile, with a wide range of capabilities from big plugs in general to heavyweight soft baits and rubber jigs, also adapts to heavy cover flipping of baths with a firm, muscular-like feel.

Grip design: Employs separate grips that require good handling and versatility.

H3S-73RF / FE 
H3S-73RF / FE

Length: 7’3 “(1 piece / grip removable) | Action: XXX-Heavy Regular Fast Taper | Grip Length: 410 mm | about 222 g | \ 55,000 (excluding tax) 2010.3 release.


■ Huge custom H3S-73RF / FE
Based on H3S-76RF blank, it is a flipping-compatible model with a lightweight and shorting around the grip. The punch is punched without overcutting the ultra heavy cover, and the max power and sticky blank properties that can pull out the big fish with the cover demonstrate its merits in setting with the PE line. The power flip & punching specification which can make the tip which does not play a short bite bite into the bus firmly, and can reduce the mishooking by the slippage slippage even in the close distance.

Grip design: The H3S-73RF / FE, which is a special model for flipping, has a lightweight, high-balanced flipping grip set up that eliminates the fore grip.


Length: 6’4 “(3piece) | Action: XX-Heavy Regular Taper | Grip Length: 425mm | About 186g | \ 61,000 (excluding tax) 2014.2 release.


H2N-64R / 3piece
Mobile Monster Hunting Rod, “H2N-64R,” which is recommended to be held first in situations where you can only have one Huge Custom H2N-64R rod, is a torque-full taper that also kills Pirarucu over 80 kg, A 6.4ft / 3-piece Versatile Rod with an emphasis on Nori that can target monster fish that live around the world.
Fitted in a 70 to 80 L-class suitcase, the 68 cm dimensions eliminate all the stress caused by travel problems.

Grip design: The “H2N-64R” 73mm long fore grip is a grip design that makes it easy to hold off fat and has a low load, even with a fight that places the buttocks on the belly.

"H2N-64R" special page


Length: 6’2 “(1 piece / grip removable) | Action: XXX-Heavy Fast Taper | Grip Length: 490mm | about 215g | \ 54,000 (excluding tax) 2012.9 release.


■ Huge custom H3N-62F
“H3N-62F” was developed to fight against extremely poor scaffolding locations in overseas expeditions and against 20 kg class monsters such as Papuanbas with an approach from an old small boat.
A blank that takes into consideration tapers corresponding to a wide crank and wire bait from the operation system plug such as a big pencil and a large jerk bait, and accuracy around a complicated bush, it is a bite and a sudden fight at a close distance He also has a torque that does not give him any leadership.
In addition, the expedition specification reduced the trouble at the time of travel with the dimensions that corresponded to the severe loading of aircraft in recent years.

Grip design: The “H3N-62F” features a grip length of 6 feet, the longest with no loss of power, even when facing a 20 kg class monster.


Length: 6’0 “(3 piece) | Action: X-Heavy Regular Taper | Grip Length: 415 mm | about 159 g | \ 61,000 (excluding tax) 2016.11 release.


■ Huge Custom H1N-60R
is a 3-piece mobile rod dedicated to jerks and tuccis with excellent operability that can operate lightweight lures such as minnows and poppers without stress.
The blank that will support even big baits and large spinner baits will cope with the sticky torque so as to narrow down even to the sudden thrust of a 20 kg monster fish.
The dimensions of 65 cm can be stored in a 70 to 80 L class suitcase and eliminate all troubles when traveling.

Grip design: “H1N-60R” which can operate lure action without stress such as titch and jerk, it is a lightweight grip length that eliminates fore grip and is easy to manage.


Length: 7’6 “(4 piece) | Action: X-Heavy Regular Taper | Grip Length: 378 mm | about 161 g | \ 61,000 (excluding tax) 2019.5 release.


■ Fuge custom HS1N-76R
It is a four-piece spinning rod with a long throw ability that can be shaken comfortably from a light weight shad or minnow to a 1.5 oz class and taking advantage of its length of 7 ft 6 inch.
Regular First Taper, which is suitable for actively hanging style, and torque-free blank performance that does not give the initiative even with monster fish, floats monster fish with a bent curve that does not make you feel that it is 4 pieces.
The dimensions of 61.8 cm, which are compatible with shipping conditions and checked baggage requirements for expeditions, can be stored comfortably in a suitcase, and the adoption of a low rider guide greatly reduces the rate of breakage of guides frequently occurring during travel. .


Length: 6’6 “(3piece) | Action: X-Heavy Regular Taper | Grip Length: 334mm | about 129g | \ 61,000 (excluding tax) 2017.5 release.


3-piece spinning with a huge spec that targets a vicious fish that can only be caught with a lightweight lure.
It is a mobile rod of the torqueful blank which can handle from light weight lure such as shadd and minnow to 1 oz class and can catch monster fish.
The 70 cm size can be stored in a 70 to 80 L-class suitcase, and the adoption of a low rider guide greatly reduces the rate of damage to the frequently occurring guide when traveling and eliminates all problems.