High-level performance based on the actual game, technology to realize.
And a fusion of beautiful designs that detract from the moment they first see. Rising instinct is
the “B2-MX” which amplifies the vibration to the maximum, and the design concept “GP-BOOSTER” which expands the possibility of the rod.

The uncompromised pursuit only drives us crazy.

The theme of the rod that Revoltage releases first is “Tournament”.
We propose a rod that demonstrates its value under extreme conditions in a tournament. Dare to eliminate the elements that can be considered the standard of bus rods such as Versatile and Multi, in pursuit of a design that can bring out the result in a particular situation under certain circumstances, the rod of the right choice. That is the style of Revoltage.

A power model that captures aquatic plants and other covers using Texas rigs and leaderless down shot rigs. A flexible tip that enables the delicate operation and a belly and powerful bat that instantly penetrate the hook of a thick shaft is fused in high dimensions. One that has both power, lightness, and sensitivity.