This is a royal road. Big size bait compatible rod ~

200mm / 100g size correspondence that everyone assumes from keywords such as big bait and swimbait. A heavyweight lure is firmly received by a specially designed blank that is full of power and torque, and it is a royal road of the big bait rod that can be easily screwed down from hooking to an intense fight without difficulty. Butt joint method is very convenient to carry.

BPM … beats per minute.

A unit that represents the tempo of music or heartbeats. As the times change, lifestyles such as fashion and music, sports and outdoor activities are becoming more diverse. The same is true for how to deal with bass fishing. I want to enjoy stylish bathing, I do not want to compromise on performance, I also want to enjoy fishing of other fish species and other hobbies, so cost performance is important … and so on. The BPM series is a bass fishing rod that explores the style of bass fishing required in the times and blends in with the rhythms of people’s lifestyles.

■ “Design” and “Basic Performance” as tools
The basic performance is good as a tool, of course, it is also a very good design of attachment. BPM pursues design and basic performance that you really want to use.