High-level performance based on the actual game, technology to realize.
And a fusion of beautiful designs that detract from the moment they first see. Rising instinct is
the “B2-MX” which amplifies the vibration to the maximum, and the design concept “GP-BOOSTER” which expands the possibility of the rod.

The uncompromised pursuit only drives us crazy.

The theme of the rod that Revoltage releases first is “Tournament”.
We propose a rod that demonstrates its value under extreme conditions in a tournament. Dare to eliminate the elements that can be considered the standard of bus rods such as Versatile and Multi, in pursuit of a design that can bring out the result in a particular situation under certain circumstances, the rod of the right choice. That is the style of Revoltage.

The main concept is to accurately feed a heavy down shot rig with a weight of 5 to 7 g to a pin spot aimed at a short pitch.
A 30t carbon long solid tip that has been tested and selected from various materials of different hardness and length, it is possible to pitch the lure with low resilience with exquisite resilience. It is a high sensitivity specification that clearly conveys slight tip vibration to the hand of an angler by B2-MX blank while operating a solid tip, and after precise manipulation of the bottom pebbles and branches while feeling one by one, after detecting Atari It has a very delicate and aggressive rod that allows for quick hooking with a taut berry.