Fusion and sublimation of EXTREME orientation and comprehensive ability.

As the name suggests, this series has extreme orientation. WHIPLASH FACTORY planning and development, Mr. Kuniaki Shinya’s target has diversified, and as overseas fishing continues, the craving for non-existing rods has gradually increased. You have to deal with many situations with few tackles and have to cover games with various types of lures. It must be able to cope with the fish with a strong power that suddenly appears. To do so, it requires simple basic performance, fundamental power, and unprecedented settings. The current lineup is short, powerful and accurate [REX601HX-G], 2 piece blanks & handle removable [REX605HX-T] for situations where portability is required, strong to cross tough fish 4 models of travel model [REX611HXX-T] and [REX703HHX-T] that devote a lot of power. Both have flexibility as well as power. This series is a combination of EXTREME orientation and mature comprehensive ability.


Uses Fuji SiC guide and titanium frame. The top is T-MNST. 2nd and later are T-KWSG. Considering the use of a reader, the diameter has not been reduced.


Non-slip finish and long nuts that create a moist hold on TCS-D18. The hood uses highly corrosion-resistant IP chrome.


Equipped with original counter balancer machined with SUS304 and engraved logo. This reduces the feeling of weight and contributes to a comfortable feeling of use.

R607RW direct power with a length that emphasizes handling. The fore grip is extremely shorted to take advantage of the blanks characteristics. On the other hand, the rear is set longer due to the large lure retrieve and jerk and the sudden attack of large fish. The unreasonable taper contributes to securing the initiative while following the fish. The main target fish are fish up to 10kg from freshwater to brackish water such as peacock bass. Suitable for large domestic buses. Considering the use of a leader, the minimum guide diameter is “7”.