[Low Dealer / Kaiken]

Travel specification suitable for both traveling and secret fishing (?).

“Kaiken” is a dagger that literally hides in the bosom. This is a nuanced sword that can be carried around. [RAW DEALER KAIKEN] is a compact traveling series created with the image of such a sword. Since the total length of the rod case can be kept within 1m, compliance with regulations and convenience in carrying are greatly improved. And we cleared various problems that were associated with rods with many sections at a fairly high level. One-piece blank itself isn’t to say, but you will almost never feel the downside of using it as a multi-section model. The end is compact. But its performance is definitely true. This model has the ability to fully fulfill its role as a sword, such as sub-rods for overseas fishing and secret cover during travel.

GUIDE (Baitcasting)

Consists of Fuji SiC guide titanium frame model.Adopts double foot T-KWSG that prevents thread entanglement and can be firmly fixed to blanks. The top is T-MNST.

GUIDE (Spinning)

Consists of Fuji SiC guide titanium frame model. Single foot T-KTSG and T-KLSG are used. The top is T-MNST.

REEL SEAT (Baitcasting)

Black finish on TCS-D18, which has little discomfort no matter what reel is set and has a high degree of freedom for holding. The hood is highly corrosion resistant IP chrome.

REEL SEAT (Spinning)

We adopt VSS-D17 which can hold reel foot well. The color is gloss (gloss) black.IP chrome hood with excellent corrosion resistance.


Equipped with original counter balancer machined with SUS304 and engraved logo. Although the total weight increases, it reduces the feeling of weight and contributes to a comfortable feeling of use.

R711RR-S butt-cut power setting model. With a moderate length and power, and a reasonable taper, it can be used not only for buses but also for various games. Dealing with unexpected large fish opponents with gentle fight control. In the overseas test, we crossed with more fish than expected and checked the performance. Considering various applications, avoid the guides with extremely small diameters and set the minimum diameter to “6”.