A signature model of Daisuke Aoki equipped with Deez Drag, an ultra-lightweight housing that is an advantage in handling finesse rigs. With a gear ratio of 6.2, it is ideal for quick fishing.


Deez drag

A tenacious drag setting that allows you to land without giving any initiative to the prey you hang. Fine drag adjustment around 300g is possible according to the strength of the light line. Therefore, hooking-fight-landing is extremely smooth. Equipped with a dedicated shallow pool developed on the premise of the 4lb line mainly used by Daisuke Aoki.


Rocket Spool Lip & Uniflow Veil and Lightweight X-MAG Alloy Body Rotor Side Plate

The rocket spool lip suppresses the spread of the loop when the line is released, enabling stable casting. Moreover, troubles caused by backlash can be drastically reduced. The uniflow bale can drastically reduce troubles such as thread entanglement around the bale by smoothing the shape of the bale joint.




Product introduction at Fishing Vision [Gear Station]


At Fishing Vision [Gear Station], Hirokazu Kawabe and Daisuke Aoki
explained about “Revo YABAI” and “Revo Deez” respectively.
Please take a look.

Click here for the video


Product features


  • 9 + 1 HPCR bearing
  • Rocket spool lip
  • Water shield carbon matrix drag
  • Deez drag
  • Lightweight X-MAG Alloy Body Rotor Side Plate
  • Uniflow veil
  • Everlast veil system