BEAST size has been added to the REVO X series.

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Product Description


BEAST size has been added to the REVO X series.


Reels with sufficient line capacity are even cheaper. For big baits, catfish, snakehead games, and SW games.


X-CRAFTIC Frame & Crank Side Plate

The aluminum frame is designed to the utmost while focusing on weight reduction without reducing strength.

Material setting considering tough use in salt.

The side plate is also made of aluminum and is designed to be sturdy, enabling firm reeling.

Magtrax Brake System

In windy conditions, the lure tends to be pushed back by the wind from the beginning and backlash.

Therefore, the brake will surely work from the moment the lure is released,

It is equipped with a magnetic Magtrax braking system.

Power Stack Carbon Matrix Drag

Normally, when there are two drag washers, only two sides of one side are effective, whereas

By making the outer diameter of the drag washer uneven, it is effective on three sides, one more than usual.

Not to mention the maximum drag force of 11 kg, it demonstrates excellent sliding performance.


D2 gear design large caliber brass gear

Equipped with a tough large-diameter brass gear, which improves durability and strength.

You can fight with big players with peace of mind with strong gear.

Dura clutch

The operating part has been thoroughly reviewed to create a clutch structure that is easy to cut and has improved durability.

φ37.5mm aluminum machine cut spool
With a line capacity that can afford to stock stock 30lb-100m / PE 5-120m

It is now possible to fight evenly with Beast-class fish.

Recessed reel foot
The split reel foot pushes the spool downwards, enabling further low pro.

The height from the foot is about 43 mm. Provides comfortable palming performance.

95mm long 4mm thick handle crank handle + big flat knob

4mm thick, sturdy and powerful 95mm handle arm. Uses a big flat knob that is easy to grip.

Product features

  • Own weight 265g
  • Magtrax Brake System
  • Power Stack Carbon Matrix Drag
  • D2 gear design
  • Dura Gear Large Caliber Brass Gear
  • Dura clutch
  • High durability X-Craftic aluminum frame & crank side plate
  • 37.5mm spool diameter
  • 95mm 4mm thick handle
  • Gear ratio 6.4: 1
  • 30lb-100m PE 5-120m
  • 7/1 bearing
  • Big flat knob