[Low dealer spinning model]

Use large abilities as a weapon and surrender to larger fish than expected.

Spinning rods for freshwater aimed at finesse games are incredible. However, when those rods say, “Can you cross over with a larger fish than expected” in the event of an emergency, you will have to ask a question mark “?”. The RAW DEALER spinning series rejects the vector of “soft bait heavy, delicate and weak genre”, which spinning plays in bass fishing, and does not lose the bate tackle centered on hard lures It is a series that also revealed. A wide range of fish with a taper design that can adjust the torque at the time of fighting and a comprehensive ability to weave the fundamental power, with targets that far exceed the power level of the large mouth bass Potential to survive different field tests with species. It is “strong spinning” that also receives aptitude information from an unexpected genre of anglers.


R703RR-S adopts Fuji SiC guide T-KTSG, T-KLSG, T-KWSG. The top guide is T-MNST.


R705RRL-S2 adopts Fuji SiC guide T-KTSG, T-KLSG-L, T-KLSG-M, T-KLSG-H. The top guide is T-NST.


R711RR-S and R711RSL-S2 adopt Fuji SiC guide T-KTSG and T-LCSG. The top guide is T-MNST.


We adopt VSS-D17 which can hold reel foot well. The color is gloss (gloss) black.IP chrome hood with excellent corrosion resistance.


Equipped with original counter balancer machined with SUS304 and engraved logo. Although the total weight increases, it reduces the feeling of weight and contributes to a comfortable feeling of use.

Developed mainly assuming the use of PE line. With a setting that has power even in a supple, light lure long throw and unreasonable fight control are possible. Tip is slightly softer than R703RR-S. It is a setting that also involves a small attack. On the other hand, the bat is more powerful than R703RR-S. Targets not only buses but also sea bass and canal sea bass and small greens. The minimum guide diameter is “6”.