[Low dealership bait model handle offset]

[RAW DEALER] started here.

Developed RAW DEALER in 1997. 1998 Announced R73R, the predecessor of R703RS. From this point onward, the handle offset bait casting model was the basic form of RAW DEALER. A handle offset that improves portability to a one-piece blank that is stress-resistant, tough and has excellent overall capabilities. This will continue to be inherited as the basic style of RAW DEALER. And advanced fight control performance. The concept of a high level of balance between Go and Soft. In the RAW DEALER series, the blend of suppleness and strength is exquisite in the ML-M class. A fight that does not pass the initiative is possible. Models above the H class are “STRONG” rather than “HARD”. Each of them bends in an arc with no stress depending on the load, and adjusts the tough torque hidden from the berry to the bat, and succumbs the opponent.


Consists of Fuji SiC guide titanium frame model. Uses T-KWSG that prevents thread entanglement and can be securely fixed to blanks. The top is basically T-MNST.


Non-slip finish and long nuts that create a moist hold on TCS-D18. The hood uses highly corrosion-resistant IP chrome.


Equipped with original counter balancer machined with SUS304 and engraved logo. Reduces weight and contributes to comfortable use.

Known as “Executive”. The main stage is a cover area that requires length and power and a torrent tetra area. A representative of the heavy model of the RAW DEALER series. Suitable for weedless plugs, rubber jigs, wire baits of 1 / 2oz or more. Well-trained tough blanks not only have the power, but also the versatility necessary for games from the land.