Notes: Karil Tuning Factory (KTF) produced a very limited amount of specially tuned right hand retrieve Airy Red Pixies before Daiwa had the project shut down.  The reels feature a special cut 6.4:1 gear set to up the speed of the reel and increase the IPT by 3″.  KTF also tuned the stock Airy Red spool.  The spool appears normal from the outside, but extensive porting was done inside to reduce weight.  Furthermore, the spool was then equipped with KTF’s IXA ceramic bearings for better performance.  Production numbers are unknown, but it is estimated that less than 20 were built at the very most.  The reel came with the original gear set, box, papers, and oil as well as a KTF build sheet.  The only indicator the reel is KTF tuned is a small KTF sticker on the nose piece.