The Tackle Trap is accepting PRE-ORDERS on the PAGANI TRAD series.  Delivery is subject to change, but is anticipated in the November/December time frame.  Email for more information


The PAGANI series was created to enable the pursuit of the ultimate leisure fishing experience.  Channeling a stylish aesthetics of bygone years, PAGAIN TRAD is the result of Yuki Ito’s respect for tradition, and personal quest for effortlessly  fulfilling weekend fishing.  Featuring a refined adaptation of the pistol grip, the PAGANI TRAD incorporates an interchangeable bank design that allows for unique presentations.  inspired by Yuki Ito’s masterpieces, each PAGANI TRAD is hand built by Megabass’ finest craftsmen to pursue the art of fishing and leisure.


Each glass composite blank delivers pin-spot accuracy and an effortlessly smooth-bend for exhilarating casts and fights.  Finished with a robust metal ferrule, all three blank models are interchangeable with each reel seat, allowing for multiple configurations.