The topwater fishing of recent years has seen an increase in lure weight and size, resulting in many lures around 1oz becoming mainstream. The F3-56XPM has a powerful butt section that can fully cast heavyweight lures up to 1½ oz, combined with an exquisite tip action that draws the best action from your larger topwater lures. The K-Guides reduce tangles and promise a comfortable topwater fishing experience. This ultimate topwater rod can handle a wide variety of plugs, big baits, and even frogs.


※The photograph is a prototype.

Thorough pursuit of the ultimate game. Pagani special makeup.

PAGANI was born to enjoy the ultimate bass fishing.
At the beginning, ARMS and the investigator Yuki Ito, who has worked with Destroyer, hand-built his own private custom rod at home in order to enjoy his holiday, to the PAGANI project Sublimation. In addition to pursuing specs to catch, PAGANI has a sophisticated artistic sensibility.
Megabus Factory, hand-built by a small number of elite custom builders, will be delivered on order.