Born to meet the challenge of Japan’s toughest fields, the F0st-62XS KIRISAME ULTIMATE is the extreme expression of ultralight finesse, dialing sensitivity to the maximum setting with a solid carbon STINGER TIP and the extrasensory abilities of 5-D Graphite. The KIRISAME ULTIMATE enables ultralight presentations down to 2lb test, with the kind of silky-smooth responsiveness required to absorb sudden fights without straining line to the breaking point. The integrity of the new 5-D blank construction method further reduces unwanted blank twist and heavy reverberations, delivering focused, ultralight sensitivity and control.

*As with all STINGER TIPS, please be especially mindful of tip storage and high-sticking, as this professionally tuned tool will not forgive misuse. If cared for properly, the STINGER TIP will deliver unrivaled performance, year after year.